List Of Activities That Can Damage The Spine

List Of Activities That Can Damage the Spine
Here's a list of activities that can damage the spine.Find out the various spine-damaging activities. Learn to avoid such to prevent spine from being hurt.
The spine is an important part of the body that we should take special care of, young or old we may be. As we all know, the spine is the backbone of our body that keeps the whole human body together. So we should be aware of the various spine-damaging activities to take good care of our spine.

In our everyday life, we engage in a lot of daily activities. However, you may not be aware that such activities through simple they may be, might cause harm to this delicate part of the human body. So to avoid doing harm to our spine, Pooping Scope is happy to share some ideas on how to perform properly such activities to keep you from putting so much pressure on the spine.

Through this information we have gathered from some sources on the web, we wish to help you become aware of them to avoid causing damage to your spine and help you take good care of it.

Here is a list of spine-damaging activities:

Reaching up for heavy objects

When you are reaching up for something, the tendency is that your spine is stretched. If the object you will carry is heavy, it will affect your spinal discs as its weight will cause pressure on them. If this action is repeated regularly, your spinal discs would take the pressure that may harm them.

You can avoid this by using a chair to lessen the pressure when you get something from above. It will be better if the weight should be placed at the level of your chest.

Carrying a backpack

Do not carry backpacks filled with stuff. Heavy backpacks can cause harm to the spine. If you carry them incorrectly is yet another blow to your backbone. You can avoid this by using the backpack’s straps for an even distribution of the load and using backpacks that have wide and soft straps to keep your neck and spine from too much pressure.

Carrying bags from the supermarket

When you go to the supermarket, do not overload your grocery bags. Do not put too much weight on them so that when you carry your grocery bags they won’t give your spine extra pressure for being heavily loaded. Remember to lift heavy objects with your knees bent. For women, a heavy object ideally weighs about more than 2 kg; for men, more than 5 kg. In carrying bags, their weight must be evenly distributed in both hands.

Changing a car wheel can be a spine-damaging activity

Changing the wheel of a car can cause you to suffer pain in the back. You can avoid this by taking a relaxed position when doing the job. Avoid bending over to the wheel. Try sitting on the ground next to it to place your eyes on the same level as the car’s fender.

Standing for long period of time

Standing for a longer period of time can pose a harmful effect on the spine. When we remain in a standing position for long, it will give pressure on the spine which is far higher than the pressure it can give when walking a long distance. Avoid standing for hours, if this won’t be possible, you should at least try to lessen the pressure it does to your spine to avoid the harmful effect it may cause.

Washing up

When washing up, we usually take a half-bent position with strained arms while standing. This position makes the inter-vertebral discs of the thoracic section quickly wear out resulting to pains between the shoulder blades. So to avoid this, you can place your knees on a stool or a chair to ease the pressure.

More of spine-damaging activities may include:

Washing and sweeping the floor

Of course, cleaning-up our house is a usual routine that we cannot do without! This may be done daily or at least once a week. The clean-up job wouldn’t be as simple because it will require us the large effort that may torment our spines. Doing the job may cause us to suffer from strained legs and back and the strenuous arm movement needed to perform the task.

Lifting heavy objects would be an additional punishment to our spines. So to avoid hurting this part of the body, when washing or cleaning the floor, refrain from doing it with your hands and a floor cloth. It is better that you use a mop or a brush to avoid putting so much pressure on the spine.

When sweeping the floor, this should also be done carefully giving attention to your posture. This means that when you are sweeping the floor refrain from doing it with your back bent forward because it causes pressure on the spine. The ideal position would be in a standing position while cleaning the floor.

Tying your shoelaces

When you tie your shoes, this naturally requires bending. But the bending position that you will be taking can cause some negative effect on your inter-vertebral discs. When we are always under pressure, there is a tendency for the nutritional substances to leave the spine. This causes it to flatten resulting to pains in different areas.

The substances or elements only work to refill the spine when our bodies are in a relaxed mood like when we are sleeping. It is important that we keep close watch of the sensations in our backs during the day and that you should not test their strength.

So to keep our spines from harm get a better position when tying your shoelace. You can do this seated with legs pulled up. Avoid crouching on the floor or standing and bending over.

Another spine-damaging activity is long hours of sitting at work area

Sitting at your work area for long hours puts more weight on your spine. Sitting puts more weight on the spine than when you’re standing. When you work over late night, this may cause your back to hurt badly because of the pressure made on your back muscles. This can cause your inert joints to lose oil and also tends to increase age more rapidly.

Wearing high heels

For women who wear high heels, did you know that high heel shoes can increase foot unsteadiness and also increase the foot’s insecurity overtime that can cause you to suffer from back pain? Wearing high heels can cause your back to curve in an irregular manner, forcing your spinal muscles to work harder. Furthermore, using shoes which are backless can make your feet move from side to side. This spreads your body weight unevenly that makes you feel pain in the back. Do not wear high heels or pointed and backless shoes to avoid this.

Avoiding long distance walks wearing such kinds of shoes will save you from back pain and damage to your spine. Wear something more comfortable.

Long drives

When you are on a long drive, it naturally engages you to take a sitting position for a long time. Driving forces your chest muscles to stretch, putting pressure on your shoulders that may cause pain even in your back and neck. So if you avoid driving too long, it will save you from having back pains.

The above-mentioned activities are just some really common activities that we get to perform in our everyday life. Some may think that such jobs are just but simple chores that we usually do. However, though some of them are considered to be just simple and something has done easily, when they are not done the proper way, they can cause damage to our body. It may ruin the health of your spine that will create perhaps a deformed backbone that gives an awkward look of your body posture.

So you must take note of these tips, make sure you do them right the next time, to avoid inflicting damage to your body health, particularly, your spine which is a very important part that keeps the body together.

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