The Best Way to Get Fit Fast

The Best Way to Get Fit Fast
You can achieve your goal to get fit fast by eating the right foods and working on cardio and strength training exercises.
Get fit fast and live a healthy life. You should eat the right foods and engage in cardio and strength-training exercises.This will help you achieve your goals quickly to get fit fast. But before doing these activities, consult your doctor first.

Best ways to get fit fast

Eat Healthy Foods

Follow a diet made up of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low-fat dairy. Eat regularly throughout the day to have the needed strength in doing your workouts to perform your activities better.

After completing your workout, make sure to eat a recovery snack to replace the lost energy and promote muscle building. Yogurt, a cup of chocolate milk or half a turkey sandwich would do for a recovery snack.

To improve your fitness level and help you reach your goals faster, limit your intake of foods. Avoid too much consumption of foods like potato chips, sweetened drinks such as soda, and juice. Moreover, avoid too much eating of processed meats like bacon and pepperoni, white bread and pasta, sweets and fast food. These can add to your body weight.

Fit With HIIT

For adults, we recommend an aerobic exercise of 150 minutes every week. If your goal is to get fit fast, you may try it with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). An article published in Australian Family Physician found that when you’re into losing weight, HIIT may help you reach your fitness goals faster than traditional aerobic exercise. This is because it can give a boost to your calorie-burning effort, even you’ve been through doing your workout.

According to The American College of Sports Medicine, you burn 6- 15 percent more calories with two hours of HIIT. Aside from this, HIIT also causes the loss of abdominal fat while retaining muscle mass. Furthermore, it helps improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness and boosts heart health.

HIIT can be done alternately between periods of intense aerobic exercise followed by periods of recovery or rest.

Build Muscle with Strength Training

Aside from doing aerobics, engage with strength-training exercises. Such exercises will make all major muscle groups work at least two days a week. You can use free weights and pull-ups  to gain strength and build muscle. Additionally, you can use resistance bands or body resistant exercises like squats, sit-ups, also to strengthen your muscles. To get best results, repeat each exercise until you can no longer do one more repetition without help. You can do two to three sets, consisting of eight to 12 repetitions, of each exercise.

Full-body exercises

Engage in full-body exercises like squats, push-ups, and triceps dip. Perform these activities in your workouts and you’ll get fit quickly with them than isolation muscle exercises.

Do plenty of plyometrics

Do plenty of plyometrics. These are exercises like long jumps, tuck jumps, jump lunges, sprints and more.

Plyos help condition your body for whatever sports you enjoy in your free time. Furthermore, they are a great help in fat burning and weight loss.

Set athletic goals

Regularly set and work on athletic-focused goals. This will help you become fit faster if you make this a habit.

Avoid making excuses

Stop making excuses not to work out. Avoid giving reasons like having no access to a gym, no workout equipment, or don’t have enough time. Just focus your mindset and you can still get a good workout.

Stay focused and consistent with your workouts. And soon, you’ll realize that you’ve started getting in shape before you knew it.

Perform Workout with a Buddy

Perform workout with a buddy. This can inspire you more to get successful results. Research says if you workout with a buddy, you’ll burn 21% more calories and continue the workout for 16% longer. You can also join team activities. It can work to boost your motivation.

Eat a balanced diet

This is an important regimen that greatly helps in enabling your body take the energy it needs to function well. You can partake of lean meats, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates to avail of your body needs. Consume foods containing lean protein. This will build your muscles. Avail of lean protein from seafood, lean meats, eggs, milk, beans, soy, and nuts. Acquire your energy from carbohydrates-filled foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and dairies. Refrain from eating foods high in trans fats such as processed foods, microwavable meals, pastries, and fried foods.

Drink lots of water

Drink straight water, or water flavored with a bit of natural lemon juice or some other natural flavoring. Avoid soda as sugar is not good. Avoid tea and coffee, too. These may dehydrate your body. Adults should have at least 8oz glasses of water daily. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty because if you are, this may mean you’re already in a state of dehydration. Furthermore, if you feel thirsty, it can sometimes cause you to overeat.

Take supplements

Take supplements or vitamins. These will benefit your effort to get fit fast. However, you must first consult a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietitian to know better what supplements should be taken. Avoid mistakes of taking the wrong combinations because it may be dangerous. It may also cause health conditions or even let you suffer from the overdose.

Effective Exercises To Get Fit Fast

Exercise efficiently. Try engaging in workouts which work for multiple muscle groups immediately giving you fast and efficient results.

You can try doing the following exercises listed below:


This will help much in improving your core, leg, and arm strength. This is similar to push-ups by supporting the upper half of your body on your forearms. Hold this for as long as possible and do it for 5-10 minutes a day.


Drop to a crouch position, and into a push-up form. Go back to the crouch position, and jump upwards with hands raised to return to the standing position. These can be very effective moves because they let you work all areas of the body.


First of all, step forward with your right leg and lower your body until both of your legs stay bent at 90-degree angles. Second, keep your back straight, and do not allow your front knee bend over your toes. And push back up to starting position, and do the same with the left leg.


This exercise can help you, too. Stand with your feet a hip’s distance apart with your back kept straight. Put your arms crossed in front of you slowly lowering down as if to sit in a chair. Finally, raise yourself back up from your sitting position.. These will be excellent for your core and leg muscles. You can use hand-held weights to the routine to work the arms as well.

Add an overhead press to your squat. This will exercise your lower and upper body at the same time. Hold dumbbells in each hand at hip or shoulder level and squat down. While rising up from squat, press the dumbbells overhead.


This, too, can be a great exercise that will help strengthen your triceps, shoulders, glutes, and core. Do push-ups to get fit fast. To do this, pose with hands into a plank flat on the ground below your shoulders. Lower your body just exactly above the ground. Tuck your elbows close to the body, keeping your core engaged. Push back up, and repeat for a number of times.


Spend time to walk. Keep your body in shape and do some walking to get fit fast. It’s among the best way of exercising. And, if you’re completely out of shape, you can just walk. If you are in shape, you can do fast walking or you can hike, jog or run. Walking would be a great exercise to work for many muscle groups and improve heart strength and blood flow.

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