The Effective Ways to Get in Shape without Exerting Much Effort

Effective Ways to Get in Shape without Exerting Much Effort
Simple and effective ways to lose weight consist of simple exercises or activities you can do at home or office. you need not go to the gym for workouts.
Simple and effective ways to lose weight can be done even just at your home or in the office. Poopingscope has gathered some activities you can do without exerting much of your effort. You don’t have to go to the gym to do rigid workouts. These simple tasks that can help you lose weight can be done at home or while at the office.

Simple and effective ways to lose weight

Avoid sitting down for a long time

Sitting down for a long time can slow down metabolism. So when you are buried at work in your office table, you can at least stand from time to time to take a quick walk. You may perhaps, get some coffee or other things to avoid being sedentary.

Also, standing up for at least two hours a day to encourage bodily movement, will keep your metabolism rate going. Sitting down can only burn 100 calories an hour while standing up takes 140 calories to burn.

Wait for some 10 minutes

When you crave for something to eat, don’t be too in a hurry to munch on foods. Experts say you should give yourself a little time to wait for at least 10 minutes. According to research, the desire to eat something lasts an average of 10 minutes. It is suggested that some activities be done to distract yourself. This is to make you  busy while waiting for ten minutes until your hunger falls away.

Use the stairs not the elevator

If you are at the office, use the stairs instead of the elevator. When you go to other floors of the building, climb up the floors thru the stairs This can be a very good alternative for jogging. By going up and down a staircase for around 15 minutes can use up or burn about 150 calories.

Use of a smaller plate is a si

Obviously, a small plate can only contain a smaller portion. So why don’t you try to make it a habit to use smaller plates when eating. In this way, you will be able to avoid the practice of overeating because you can only eat less food when you use a smaller plate. A study found that people tend to eat 22 percent less food on smaller plates.

Drink water

Feeling hungry? If this feeling gets into you, do not be in a hurry to look for something you can eat immediately. Instead of indulging in foods at once, why not try drinking some water or maybe a cold tea first. Most often, we tend to confuse our thirst with hunger. However, if you still feel hungry after 10-20 minutes, the hunger that you feel is for real, so it’s time to eat to satisfy your craving.

Avoid consumption of carbonated drinks

A liter of cola can already give you some 90 grams of sugar which is not good if you are trying to lose unwanted pounds. Instead of consuming a carbonated drink, you can substitute it with tea, which can be a better alternative.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks, aside from being full of calories, are also great in stimulating your appetite. So if you want to lose your extra pounds, you should shun from alcoholic drinks.

Sit while eating snacks

When you are seated while eating, it gives the stomach a chance to relax and properly digest. So while having your snacks, eat slowly as you enjoy the food and be sure to always take a seat.

Eat protein-rich foods

Protein gives you a feeling of a full stomach for a longer time. So when you eat foods that contain high protein and less fat for breakfast and lunch, you won’t be craving that much for dinner. This will now keep you from overeating because you are full.

Eat Popcorn

When you eat popcorn, choose the ones that have the plain flavor of this stuff instead of the caramel, salted, sweet, and cheesy flavored ones. The plain flavor of popcorn has no additive content. It is not so fatty and has in its properties antioxidants and cellulose.

Do cardio workout

A cardio exercise is the most effective workout activity when you want to burn fats. This is because when you engage in this endeavor, it will move a whole lot of your muscles that will make your weight loss regimen successful.


Bowling can be a great activity as it makes you lose 500 calories after a 2-hour game. Don’t you think this would be great? It gives you the pleasure of having fun and enjoyment while losing much of the calories that were stored in your body.


When you dance for about two hours, it can make you burn around 650 calories while helping you shape up your hips and behind. When you do this, make sure that you do not forget to drink plenty of water. You should drink up about 200-300 ml for every 20 minutes of dancing.

Keep yourself busy like doing a household chore

Doing household chores can be simple and effective ways to lose weight. Keep yourself busy by doing different tasks like cleaning an area of the house each day. Cleaning or doing household chores is like exercising, and a 30-45 minute exercise every day will help you burn a lot of calories. This is a good way to work a simple and effective way to lose weight.

Take a hot bath

You can also turn to taking a hot bath as among the various ways to burn calories. Consequently, a hot bath has been found to burn many calories same as the calories burned from a half-hour walking activity.

Get a pet dog

Having a dog will make you add activities you could do with it regularly, like walking. When you take out your dog for a walk at least two times a day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon or early evening, that will mean you are exerting some efforts as you move around while enjoying a walk with your dog. This could also be so relaxing at times. A walk for about 30 minutes daily with your pet dog can make up for the total recommended daily activity you need to burn calories without trying too hard to move physically. So owning one can be one of the healthiest choices you could be doing to help maintain a healthy life.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or NEAT, this refers to daily activities that help you lose weight. When you climb stairs or run to catch a bus or even just simple things or chores that cause you to make bodily movements that may help you burn extra calories. This would depend on your lifestyle, that is, if you are a plain housewife, the chores that you do around the house would spell the difference. Or maybe you have a very busy job at your office and because you’ve been buried in your work, you tend to lose time to eat more.

Still, in the office, another way to help you burn calories, is bouncing your leg up and down under the table. This is just a little activity, but it can help anyway.

Dynamic Tension and Self-Resistance

Engaging in activities like dynamic tension and self-resistance will not require much of your effort and there is no need for the use of actual equipment and that much of a movement. Tense your muscles while moving them through a particular range of motion to perform dynamic tension. Self-resistance moves you to pull against your own arm, or pushing your arms and legs to create resistance with your body. These forms of exercises can be done while you are seated in your office chair. They may not work as effectively as those with the rigid workout activities. But they can, at least, make a difference.

Do home maintenance work yourself

You can do simple home maintenance job yourself instead of tapping paid service providers to do simple repair works. Doing this will save you from the expense, help exercise your brain and your body and even learn new skills by doing the work yourself.

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