Girl Habits That Make Men Get Turned Off

Girl Habits That Makes Your Man Get Turned Off
The soul grows into lovely habits as easily as into ugly ones, and the moment a life begins to blossom into beautiful words and deeds, that moment a new standard of conduct is established, and your eager neighbors look to you for a continuous manifestation of the good cheer, the sympathy, the ready wit, the comradeship, or the inspiration, you once showed yourself capable of. Bear figs for a season or two, and the world outside the orchard is very unwilling you should bear thistles. Quote by Kate Douglas Wiggin, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

There can be a lot of girl habits that make men get turned off. These are important to note because they can make your man feel disappointed if  he finds your attitude so annoying. In nurturing a relationship, a woman’s behavior plays an important role in making it succeed. Men may first consider a girl by her appearance. But in the long run, it’s still her attitude that counts much to make the relationship flourish and stay exciting.

Pooping Scope compiled a list on the various habits women should do away with. These will help prevent causing your partners go nuts, keep them interested in you and keep your love life aflame.

Girl habits that make men get turned off

Too much partying and nights out

Men wouldn’t like their women to be always on nights out. Of course, you can go out partying. But do not go out excessively to enjoy night adventures. You may engage yourself in too much drinking. As a result, your man may veer away from you despite his serious intentions about your relationship.

Wearing dresses not appropriate for the occasion

When you dress inappropriately even just on a casual occasion because you wanted to impress, this may not work. You may just be taking a walk in the park, but you are in high heels, then you keep complaining because you feel uncomfortable. This angers your man because he may have been tired of listening to your constant complaints.

Asking too many questions

Men become irritated if you keep on asking too many questions. Perhaps you ask him about your appearance or the way you look. It is like asking him if you look good, sexy, pretty or old. Such annoying questions would likely cause irritability on your partner’s end.

Tidying up his space

On tidying up his space or making a clean-up of what you think is your man’s mess in his place may lead to uncalled disagreements or misunderstandings. This can annoy your man. He’ll feel irritated because rearranging his things may anger him. This can happen if he doesn’t find them at the usual place where they originally used to be.


It really feels annoying if you always try to talk about other people’s affair in front of your man. It may make your partner think that you may also be doing the same thing like talking to him when he is not around. He might come to think that talking behind his back may be possible because you tend to make some gossip about other people that would include him.


Don’t let your man wait for hours. Your usual habit of being always late would be incurring negative points against you. Your punctuality and responsibility may become an issue against a smooth relationship and it will annoy your man.

Crying for no reason

Men feel at a loss for words when they see their partner cry. Apparently, this is among the things they fear about because they are left with not knowing what to do. More so when they see no apparent reason why you are acting that way. If this will become more often, men would somehow be used to your drama effect so that instead of getting his sympathy, it might make him feel annoyed. And worst, it may even cause his trust to falter making him think you are just overacting.

Don’t involve others in your arguments

If you have problems or issues to deal with, it should only be between you and him. Do not use other’s opinions like your parents or friends’ opinions when trying to solve whatever problems or differences they may be. If you involve other people in your arguments, it would only make your man feel sad and disappointed.

Don’t assume he can read minds is one of the girl habits that make men get turned off

Women should not assume that men would readily know where they have gone wrong to make you feel upset or angry. Therefore, you ought to tell him straight and frank what mistake he has committed that got your ire. You should not let him do the guessing as of if he is able to read your mind.

Believe and accept readily a nice compliment

When a man praises his woman, the girl should readily accept them rather than refusing to believe the compliment he is throwing at you because what he says comes from the heart and it is just right that you believe them and appreciate them. Express your happiness. Show your appreciation for receiving such a compliment. A sweet thank you would be just exciting or romantic, perhaps.

You don’t give them compliments

Just as he flatters you with nice compliments, your partner also needs to be getting compliments from you, too. Showing appreciation of what he does or how handsome he looks today will do great to make his day. Try to make it a habit, therefore, to give him a compliment every once in a while to keep the fire aflame.

Do not hold on to past mistakes

“Nobody is perfect” as the popular saying goes. Most of all, everybody has the tendency to commit some mistakes. If your man had done any wrong and had already asked for an apology, be ready to offer your forgiveness. You may have erred against him, too and has forgiven you for whatever mistake you may have done him. So it would be fair if you gladly return the good gesture. You should avoid reminding him of his mistakes done in the past and move on.

More on Girl Habits That Make Men Get Turned Off

Keep your problems private

Your problems as a couple must only be between the both of you. You should not announce them for everyone to know. He may not like you revealing details to your friends of the things you didn’t like about him. In conclusion, if you have problems, settle them within the confines of your relationship and make it private because it is a private matter anyway. In that way, you are able to show respect to him and the relationship, as well.

She uses sex as a tool to manipulate

Do not use sex as a weapon to get even with him or if you have an issue with him. This can be a delicate issue included in the list of girl habits that make men get turned off. You should not spite him if you are not getting your way at something. Furthermore, sex is a thing that both of you should enjoy together because you love each other. Do not use it just to gain favor or approval of something that you want.

Be mature

Don’t expect too much. You should keep your expectations realistic and fair. You should be mature enough to make efforts at thinking of what you can do to make the relationship become more fruitful and wonderful.

Trust is important

Trust is a major thing in any relationship to make it successful. If you ask him questions and he doesn’t give you answers immediately, don’t throw accusations that he’s been doing wrong things. Accusing your man of something he doesn’t do or didn’t do may bear negative results.

He may be taking it against you if you do not believe in the things that he tells you. Yet, you cannot completely love a person if you do not trust him fully, you must show him that you believe in him. Much as women want their men, to be honest, they should try to be honest, too. Dishonesty occupies a slot in the list of girl habits that make men get turned off.

The constant nags and complaints that never end

Just shut up and refrain from giving your man constant nags and never-ending complaints. These attitudes are too annoying to bear. It may drive your man away from you if he gets fed up of all the bickering you give him.


Women should do away with the habit of being too selfish. This is among the girl habits that make men get turned off. Being selfish would mean that you only think of yourself. If you are in a relationship, always try to be considerate of others, too.

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