Mistakes Most Parents Commit That Result to Their Children’s Bad Manners

Mistakes Most Parents Commit That Result to Their Children's Bad Manners
“Teach love, generosity, good manners, and some of that will drift from the classroom to the home, and who knows, the children will be educating the parents.” Quote by Roger Moore
Have you been aware of the mistakes parents commit resulting to children’s bad manners? Parents love their children though they behave badly. Because of this, parents may have been overly doing things that they think are good to protect them. They may not realize that such attitude towards their children may have been causing them harm than good. How parents treat their children when they misbehave is very important. Mistreating their negative behaviors may cause them to become rebellious and worst, it may ruin their lives. Parents have the greatest influence on their children’s lives. So good parenting is very important to make them grow as better people. The life of being a parent is a constant learning process.

Here are some mistakes parents commit resulting to children’s bad manners.

Show of Favoritism or Partiality

Favoritism or partiality can be very damaging to a child. In most cases, male children get preferential attention making the female children feel neglected or inutile.

It has been a usual scenario in most households that parents tend to play favoritism among their children. This is demonstrated by giving more importance to boys. This makes the girls feel left out in their own homes. They feel that boys get more of the attention in many aspects like education, food, and other essential needs. Parents also have the habit of complaining about their children in front of other people. This is not good because it affects the children negatively.

Avoiding and Neglecting Your Child

Child neglect is a very common type of child abuse more than physical abuse so this should be avoided. This will affect your children’s physical and emotional well-being.

Parents shouldn’t show an “I don’t care” attitude on the needs of children. They must be given supervision and attention to keep them off from feeling worthless. Putting them in this situation can lead to low self-esteem and isolation. This can affect the mental health or social development of the child. Moreover, it may even leave lifelong psychological scars. A child needs to feel loved and cherished.

The practice of Physical and Verbal Abuse

This is among the many mistakes parents commit resulting to children’s bad manners. Physical violence or verbal abuse can cause damaging effects to a child’s psychology. Punishing a child is just but normal when they commit mistakes. But overdoing it even due to small errors may develop a rebellious mind. This will also make them lose  confidence and develop an inferiority complex. Do not shout at your children. Don’t make them feel they are no good. Instead, make them feel loved by giving them signs of affection like connecting with them through hugs and kisses.

Encouraging Bad Behavior in Children instead of Disciplining

Many parents just let their children put up bad manners. Parents shouldn’t allow these in their kids so they won’t grow up with unruly behavior. Instead, let them know that such manners are bad and they shouldn’t do them. Parents should set a good example to their children. The tendency is that they will be taking after you. What they see in you is most likely the things they will be doing, too. It will be difficult to ask them to refrain from bad habits if they see their parents also doing such. This could probably be the reason why children of drunkards or smokers start drinking or smoking at a young age. Further, fighting or engaging in physical or verbal abuse should not be done in front of the children.

Imposing Choices into the Children

It is a given fact that parents know what is best for their children. But it should not be a reason to impose their own choices into them. Parents should consider the child’s interest and his or her level of intelligence and capacity. They should not pass their unfulfilled ambitions for their children to fulfill. The children should be given a chance to pursue what they want. This is to keep them from being demoralized if they follow parents’ demands but fail to live up to expectations.

Giving everything the children want

Parents should not give in to every desire their children may have. This is still among the mistakes parents commit resulting to children’s bad manners. Fulfilling every child’s wish even if it means unwise spending may compel him to steal to get his whims. It will also make him think that he’s in control of everything because he gets what he wants. You should maintain balance. Children’s needs should come first before their wants. If not, children may not realize the real value of money leading them to engage in bad habits.

Too Much Pampering or Interfering

Children who experience too much pampering will make them grow spoiled. They become too demanding. Over-protection may affect their attitude, letting them grow up as cowards and overly dependent on others.

Not Believing in the Child

Trust is really very important in treating a child. Don’t make them feel that you believe more in others than your own children. A display of distrust can cause a child to become defiant. Having no faith in your children may make them lose their self-esteem. They may also feel inhibited for the rest of their lives. Children completely rely on their parents. It is important that you spend time with them. As good parents, you inculcate in them good manners. Have the chance to correct them when they do wrong. Parents must set rules and impose boundaries to let their children know if what they do is right or wrong.

List of other mistakes parents commit resulting to children’s bad manners

Using Parental Shortcut

To keep them from additional burden of their child’s tantrums, parents resort to using shortcuts. Parents often tend to allow the use of gadgets to silence their children. This is especially if they are too busy to attend to their needs and caprices. This isn’t a good way of teaching the children a lesson because they won’t learn how to be patient. Children should realize the value of patience. They should learn how to wait patiently.

Tolerating your Children’s Misbehavior

Again, this is another example of the mistakes parents commit resulting to children’s bad manners. Tolerating your children’s misbehavior in public will encourage them to make this a habit. This attitude causes them to become irresponsible. You develop your child to become a spoiled brat. He will assume that he is so superior. He’ll presume that whatever he does is deemed right. Your child won’t realize the difference between good and bad.He may not even distinguish right from wrong.


Children who experience over-protection from their parents may suffer adverse effects. Of course, it is just but normal to protect our kids. However, overdoing it will not help them. You only teach your children to become too spoiled and dependent. You are missing the opportunity of preparing them to develop their confidence in facing normal risks and commitment. They do not learn how to decide on their own due to fear of being pained. Unknowingly, pain is considered part of health and maturity. It is a part of growing up. Pain helps your child become strong and independent. It makes your child ready to face the world with all its challenges in the future.

So in order to bring-up your children to become good people, you should put in mind the various information discussed here. Most of all, avoid doing the mistakes parents commit resulting to children’s bad manners.

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