Symptoms of a Heart Attack Most Common in Women

Symptoms of a Heart Attack That Happen Only to Women
There are certain heart attack symptoms most common in women.Learn more about the signs to enable women take necessary actions when they experience them

This article deals with heart attack symptoms most common in women. Did you know that the symptoms of heart attack show in different manners in men and women? Heart disease is tagged as among the major diseases that have become the leading cause of death of many individuals. It is also known as the biggest killer of Americans. Heart attacks do happen unexpectedly. So if you feel the following symptoms, don’t ignore them because they might be signs of a heart attack.

Poopingscope has gathered and compiled a list of signs that women should keep in mind, to enable them to take the necessary precautions and prevent them from having the disease.

Heart Attack Symptoms Most Common in Women

A feeling of pain in the back, neck, jaw, and arms

The most common sign of heart attack is a pain in the chest or in the left arm. And this is a symptom of a heart attack most common in women. However, if you feel pain in these body parts that become progressive, nagging, acute, or sudden, it gives you the reason to go and consult a doctor to have those experiences of unusual symptoms checked.

Sharp pain in the stomach or feeling sick

Other heart attack symptoms most common in women include sharp pain or feeling sick. Women sometimes experience severe pain in the stomach. It is a feeling where you feel that as if something sits heavily in the stomach, or you seem to be suffering from signs of poisoning, severe heartburn or flu but do not realize that these burdening feelings could be signs of an impending heart attack.

Cold Sweats

Cold sweat is also a heart attack symptom most common in women. It could be easy to ignore but it can pose danger if it is accompanied by a chest pain. This symptom is somehow associated with stress. When you suffer from this sign which you’ve never before experienced, it’s recommended that you refer this to a doctor.

You feel a shortness of breath

Shortness of breath has always been associated with heart disease and heart attack. Women who experienced this said that they seemed to feel too tired as if they have just come from running so fast although they did not involve themselves in any tiresome activity, for that matter.

Feeling of excessive fatigue

You seem to have a feeling of exhaustion despite coming from rest and you did just a little action. If this feeling happens, it’s time to visit your doctor and have your cardiovascular system checked.

A feeling of pressure and pain in the chest

Chest pain is the strongest indication that you may be suffering from a heart problem. Both men and women feel signs of pain, discomfort, burning, and pressure in the chest. However, some women feel pain not only on the left side of the chest but also in the whole area. This differentiates the intensity felt by women. And this probably gives the reason why it is considered a symptom of the heart attack most common in women.  Consult your doctor immediately if such pain or pressure lingers within a few minutes.

These are the heart attack symptoms most common in women. The above-mentioned issues may not assure that they are signs of an impending heart attack. However, they may be enough reasons that attention from a medical expert should be sought. Consult your doctor immediately if you get to feel a combination of the aforementioned symptoms. You must remember that prevention is better than cure.

Although the issue dealt with manifestations of heart attack symptoms most common in women, these may also show in men. Therefore, men, too should not ignore these if they get to experience such signs.

If you feel the symptoms earlier discussed, remember to:

  1. Get help at once. Do not delay getting that help and do not wait long before it gets too bad.
  2. Seek the assistance of a hospital to send an ambulance. Do not drive yourself to the hospital because if you do, you may not drive too well because of the unlikely feeling that is bothering you. You may possibly hurt yourself or other people along the way.

Foods for the Heart that could help prevent heart attack symptoms most common in women

To have a better care of your heart, you must also consider the foods that you eat so as to keep that organ maintain its proper function.

The prevalence of heart disease may be blamed on fast food and high-calorie meals which can be readily accessed due to its easy availability. But this could be avoided if we try to become more discerning in the choice of foods that we eat. So improving your diet and indulging in foods that will not adversely affect your heart will help you reduce cholesterol and free your arteries of fatty deposits. To have a better care of your heart, you must consider the foods that you eat so as to keep that organ maintain its proper function.

Here is a list of some foods that will complement your efforts of maintaining a good heart health. Especially for ladies who show heart attack symptoms most common in women, you may find the information helpful.


Oatmeal works well in absorbing cholesterol that your body doesn’t need. This will help you maintain less bad cholesterol in your bloodstream that will certainly make the blood flow smoothly in the veins and arteries.

To prepare a porridge oatmeal, combine the oats, preferably the classic kind, with milk or water, then heat. Instant oatmeal products may contain sugar that can be bad for you, so you might as well go with classic oatmeal.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can be a good source of benefits that will help you develop a healthy heart. A study, conducted three years ago, proved that chocolate made of around sixty to seventy percent of cocoa lessens the risk of a non-fatal heart attack and risk of stroke. This would be good for females showing signs of heart attack symptoms most common in women because women love chocolates.


Nutrition experts recommend the inclusion of salmon, mackerel, and other fatty fish a part of everyone’s diet. These kinds of fish products will help you maintain a healthy heart for being great sources of omega 3 fatty acids that will help you maintain a healthy heart. The fatty acid contents of these foods reduce the possible build-up of plaque in the arteries that will help you avoid blood clots. As recommended, you should eat fatty fish, at least twice a week, to avail of the health benefits this food offers to help you have a healthy heart.

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C rich fruits like lemons and oranges improve the cardiovascular system and lessen the risk of heart attack.This recommended for both men and women.  Regular consumption of citrus fruits can reduce by 20% the chances of stroke caused by a clot. Grapefruits can be a good option as they contain all these benefits. In addition, grapefruits also help reduce your cholesterol.


Soy used as meat replacement food is also good for the heart. It can be a great source of vitamins, minerals, and even a great amount of fiber to improve the digestive system and lots of polyunsaturated fats within soy. It helps reduce blood pressure.


Boiled, roasted, or dry-fried potatoes can do wonders for the heart. Regular consumption of these will help reduce blood pressure, especially when combined with exercise and healthy foods. Potatoes are rich in potassium.


Almost all nuts work favorably for the heart. With a variety of these foods like macadamia nuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and peanuts, all contain fiber that is beneficial to the heart. They contain lots of vitamin E which can lower bad cholesterol level and help maintain cell growth throughout the body. Consume nuts on a regular basis instead of eating fat-rich foods. It will help your body become leaner, and you will eventually see a reduction in the amount of fat your body stores.


Tomatoes contain high levels of potassium that can ably aid in promoting a healthy heart. The lycopene content that we find in tomatoes helps remove bad cholesterol from the blood. Aside from the low calorie and sugar-free properties, tomatoes assist the heart as well as the arteries.

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